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Welcome to Can I Retire?

Last Updated:  Nov 7, 2018 @ 6:50 am


Welcome to This website has been set up to provide as much information as possible to you about retiring. The website is UK based so most of the regulation is targeted to this.

Why was it set up?

Pensions are very confusing in the UK. Every individual has a different situation and this website aims to make it easier for you to understand your individual situation.

Who runs the site?

This site is ran by me, Neil. If you want any help or have any questions, please email me:

Useful things to know

This site is free to use and doesn’t contain adverts.

How is it written?

This site has been written to be easy and simple for everyone to read. rather than longer waffling answers that are good for SEO, it has been written for people.

What is SA and LA?

SA is short for short answers. LA is short for long answers.

I believe that the majority of people just want the short answer to things. Wherever possible, I will try to give them the short answer.

Some people and some questions also need a long answer so I will also give a longer answer sometimes too.

What is KISS doing at the bottom of the article?

KISS stands for “Keep it simple silly”. This is a reminder to all of us, including me, that when dealing with financial planning to keep it simple as much as  possible. It is far to easy to go down a rabbit hole of complexity with Financial Service products that can end up in bad decisions being made or no decisions at all.

Keep it simple and take action.

Why is the conclusion at the top of the page before the introduction?

Because you came to the page to get the conclusion. If you want the full answer, then read the rest of the article.


It’s important you understand the limits of this site.

  • We’re a small website and aim to provide the best information so you can answer the question about whether you can retire.
  • To do this we provide articles, guides, tips and tools but we are not perfect, and sometimes we get it wrong.
  • So note you use the information at your own risk and we can’t accept liability if things go wrong.
  • The info in this website does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research. If in doubt, contact an independent financial adviser.
  • We often link to other websites, but we are not responsible for their content.

Useful Websites

Martin Lewis’ mammoth website is great for deals and budgeting tools.

The government website to help with pensions.

Our most useful links

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