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Check state pension age and state pension forecast

For many people, the state pension will be the primary source of income in retirement. However many don’t understand what they will receive in retirement and when they will get it.

Fortunately the government do make it easier than ever to find out when you will receive the state pension and crucially how much you will receive.

check state pension age

This is the easy one, simply go to insert link here, pop in basic details such as your age and the government will tell you what your state pension age is.

I need to caveat this and say this is down to government regulation so the further away you are from state pneiosn age the more chance it has of changing. The oldest current state pension age is 68.

Although there are sometimes fear monger articles that state retirement age will go to 75, this seems unlikely for now as it would be political suicide for any party to make such a big leap.

check state pension forecast

The current rules around the state pneiosn in the uk is that if you have made the enough national insurance contributions in a year (if you work full time this shouldn’t be a problem) , then you get a stamp towards your state pension.

Ten years contributions is the minimum you need to get any state pension. With the minimum you get about 28% of the fulm state pension (about £2600) You need 35 years to get the maximum pension (£9100).

At this point you may be wondering that you have no idea how much contributions you have made. Don’t worry though as you can access this on the government website.

I’ll put a step by step guide here

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